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Hinchingbrooke Wet-Leos first started training in 2006 and was formed with the intention of providing a local water group for Leonberger Owners in the west of East Anglia after having spent years completing a round trip of 200 miles on a Sunday to train. Much time was spent in discussion and thought regarding the setting up of a new group and the responsibilities we were taking on.
After much searching for lakes to train on, talks with the staff at Hinchingbrooke Country Park were started, at this time we had no boat or equipment. After discussions it was agreed that we could have a three month trial period on the main lake at the country park. Before this could happen we had to produce a risk assessment and provide qualified first aiders as well as sourcing a boat, lifejackets and other sundries.
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All of this was taking place without any members and until we had these things in place we could not even start a membership list, however we did need the blessing of the Leonberger Club of GB and in particular the Working Sub-committee, which was readily given.
eBay was scoured for a boat and lifejackets and the classroom frequented to obtain first aid qualifications, things slowly fell into place until a year after the first idea when we had everything together. At long last we were in a position to let people know that we were starting a water group and a first training day was organised. April 30th 2006 was kind to us and on the day we had eight dogs: Topaz, Bruno, Morse, Ozzie, Tasmin, Sasha, Czar and Burma. From this start we have slowly built up and earned our place as one of the features of the Hinchingbrooke Country Park. In 2010 we received permission from the park to form a new swimming beach which has made life a lot easier as we are able to have about 10 cars parked by the lakeside. Hopefully we will be able to build on this and by assisting the park at various events we build on our relationship for the future.